Objective |

To say that 2020 was hard would be quite the understatement. So, Party City tapped into the collective need to forget the year by introducing its “FU (Forget U) 2020” product line—and looked to Engaj Media to support the campaign on social media.

Solution |

In solidarity with everyone’s feelings of anger, sadness, and a desperate need to laugh, we created a social-first concept rooted in community. The idea was that we’re all in this together—and we can celebrate (or just break things!) accordingly. We concepted and produced tongue-in-cheek images, GIFs, and videos that showed people celebrating the end of 2020 by doing things like smashing cakes, destroying party table setups, and popping balloons. By leveraging humor as a way to cope with a traumatic year, we helped Party City’s customers have the last laugh. Take that, 2020!

Results |

 20% higher engagement rate compared to benchmark
• 11M total impressions

“At the end of a whirlwind year, the Likeable team was integral in our last hurrah: FU 2020. From strategy and concepting all the way through to production and community management, their social media expertise helped us deliver joy—and nearly $1 million in sales! They were efficient, knowledgeable, and truly incredible partners.”

–Shannon Symalla, Vice President of Customer Experience, Party City